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Oregon is strongest when all people have jobs in their communities and pursue meaningful careers.  We believe work is a fundamental part of life.  Therefore, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) should be included in opportunities to participate in the workforce and the greater community.  With high expectations, appropriate supports and the right job match, people with IDD can work at competitive jobs.  

 Using your services to get a job

Oregon presumes all people with IDD can work at jobs in the community that pay competitive wages and benefits.  If you get DD services and want a job, or want to get a better job, tell your service coordinator or personal agent.  

  • He or she will talk about your interests and options and connect you to services that can help you get a job.  
  • You can also contact your local VR office directly and ask for an intake appointment.  
  • VR helps people with all types of disabilities find jobs.  
  • You can use both DD and VR services to help you find and keep a competitive job in your community.