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Apply for Consumer Involvement Funds

The Consumer Involvement Fund gives people with developmental disabilities and their families valuable learning opportunities through participation in conferences and trainings.

Why a Consumer Involvement Fund?

People with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families often lack the necessary resources to attend conferences and trainings, to participate in workgroups, and legislative processes.  Through the Council’s Consumer Involvement Fund, individuals receive financial assistance to support their participation in such activities.  By gaining new information, skills, and opportunities, participants are better equipped to advocate for themselves and others.

How can the funds be used?

The fund typically covers the following

  • Registration fees
  • Transportation or mileage
  • Meals and lodging
  • Personal assistance services
  • Interpretation and other appropriate expenses

Who can apply?

· Individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability or their family members

· Organizations and agencies seeking financial assistance to support individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their family members to attend conferences, trainings and policy activities

How are funds awarded?

The Council's Consumer Involvement Fund Committee reviews applications and decides who will receive funds.  The Committee limits how much funding will be awarded for any single
participant or event.  The committee may offer less financial assistance than is requested.  Organizations and agencies seeking funds on behalf of members should also be contributing  financially to their participation.

All Consumer Involvement Fund applications must be consistent with the purpose of the fund and the mission of the Council (  Individuals who receive stipends are asked to complete a survey about how they benefitted from the event they attended and how they plan to share what they have learned.