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Oregon Consortium of Family Networks (OCFN)

Oregon Consortium of Family Networks (OCFN)
 Families building community; Creating futures

The following information is provided in Spanish below:

Why Family Networks?

OCFN believes that when parents connect with other parents that can share a vision of possibility, and help each other find strength, they break the cycle of loneliness and isolation for each other, and in turn, their children, in a unique way that only a parent can.

OCFN Works in Two Ways:
1. By facilitating opportunities for families to connect with other families in an organic and fun way and by thinking creatively to support them in accessing and creating resources in the community.

2. By facilitating opportunities for the community to better engage with families by helping the community to understand that disability is a natural part of the human condition, and that the diversity within the community, creates the community.

OCFN Shared Values

  • Support must help families find empowerment
  • Family knowledge, strength, and diversity must be recognized
  • Family and community are connected - each helping to build the other
  • Connections among families build individual and community strength
  • Family diversity and family choice must be respected
  • Family leadership must be recognized and encouraged in the many forms it may be expressed
  • Families must be supported to be deeply integrated in cultural and geographic community
  • Communities that embrace families with children with disabilities will be stronger communities for all
  • Supported families will build stronger communities for all
  • Community-building requires contribution
  • There is a role for both disability and non disability “worlds”
  • Empowered families must intersect with empowered communities

What is OCFN?
We are a network of families building a sustainable future for families.

Family Networks share the belief that peer delivered family support celebrates families as the tremendous resource they are.  They recognize that while families build community, community also builds families, and while formal family support programs are crucial, supporting families involves more than a single program.

Background: The Oregon Consortium of Family Networks, a project of the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities and the Office of Developmental Disability Services, is an association of family networks committed to a set of core values. Each member is an independent, family-led organization working in collaboration with community partners and each other.

Who is OCFN?

Central Oregon Disability Support Network (CODSN)

CODSN was started by two moms, in 2003.  In 2010 CODSN developed an official board of directors and received their IRS non-profit status.  Now in 2011 with sustained growth and a name change, the Central Oregon Disability Support Network has expanded their services to support families experiencing any disability.

Creating Opportunities

Creating Opportunities is a community organization developed for the primary purpose of supporting families of children with developmental disabilities who live in Polk, Yamhill and Marion Counties.

Family and Community Together (FACT)

Formed in 2002, FACT (formerly the Family Action Coalition Team*) is a family leadership organization for individuals and their families experiencing developmental disabilities, working collaboratively to facilitate positive change in policies, systems and attitudes, through family support, advocacy and partnerships. Majority of our Board of Directors are family members of a person with a disability. FACT strives to:

  • Strengthen the voice of Oregon families raising children experiencing disability
  • Connect families to families
  • Provide and promote peer delivered family support
  • Create opportunities for meaningful collaboration

Families for Community

Families for Community exists to create community among families who have children who experience disabilities of all kinds, through relationships and support opportunities.

ROCCOS Family Network

ROCCOS Family Network exists to encourage and equip families of children with disabilities to actively engage and embrace community; creating acceptance and inclusion for all.

The Arc Lane County, Families Connected

Families Connected is a program within The Arc Lane County. It exists to connect families in a new way and build peer support through community for families with a child with a developmental disability.

The information provided above has been translated into Spanish below:

Consorcio de Redes de Familias de Oregón
(Oregon Consortium of Family Networks u OCFN)
Familias que construyen una comunidad; crean futuros

¿Por qué Redes de Familias?
OCFN cree que cuando los padres se relacionan con otros padres que pueden compartir una visión de posibilidades y ayudarse mutuamente a encontrar fortaleza, rompen el ciclo de soledad y aislamiento tanto de ellos como de sus hijos, de una forma especial que sólo un padre puede lograr.

OCFN funciona de dos maneras:
1.  Facilitando oportunidades para que las familias se conecten entre sí de forma sana y divertida y pensando creativamente para apoyarlos en sus esfuerzos para acceder y crear recursos en la comunidad.

2.  Facilitando oportunidades para que la comunidad se relacione mejor con las familias. Para ello ayuda a la comunidad a comprender que las discapacidades son una parte natural de la condición humana y que la comunidad se crea a partir de la diversidad que la compone.

Valores compartidos de OCFN

  • El apoyo debe ayudar a las familias a fortalecerse.
  • Hay que reconocer el conocimiento, la fuerza y la diversidad de las familias.
  • Existe una conexión entre familia y comunidad: una ayuda a la formación de la otra.
  • Las relaciones entre familias fortalecen tanto a los individuos como a las comunidades.
  • Se deben respetar la diversidad y la selección familiar.
  • Se debe reconocer y alentar el liderazgo de la familia en todas las formas en que pueda expresarse.
  • Se debe apoyar a las familias para que estén profundamente integradas en la comunidad cultural y geográfica.
  • Las comunidades que acogen a las familias con niños discapacitados son más fuertes para todos.
  • Las familias que reciben apoyo construyen comunidades más fuertes para todos.
  • La construcción de una comunidad requiere el aporte de sus miembros.
  • Hay un rol para ambos “mundos”: el de las personas con discapacidades y el de las personas sin discapacidades.
  • Las familias fortalecidas deben coincidir con las comunidades fortalecidas.

¿Qué es OCFN?

Somos una red de familias que construyen un futuro sostenible para familias.

En Redes de Familias creemos que el apoyo que las familias reciben de sus pares es una forma de celebrar a las familias como el increíble recurso que constituyen. Reconocemos que, si bien las familias construyen una comunidad, la comunidad también construye familias y que, aunque los programas formales de apoyo para familias son decisivos, el apoyo a las familias involucra más de un solo programa.

Información de referencia: el Consorcio de Redes de Familias de Oregón, un proyecto del Consejo de Oregón para Discapacidades del Desarrollo y de la Oficina de Servicios para Discapacidades del Desarrollo, es una asociación de redes de familias comprometidas con un conjunto de valores principales.  Cada miembro es una organización independiente dirigida por familias que trabajan colaborando entre sí y con socios comunitarios.