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The Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities is made up of self-advocates, family members, representatives of advocacy organizations and community organizations that provide services and supports to people with developmental disabilities. Our members also include representatives of state agencies that receive federal funding on behalf of people with developmental disabilities. Our members are appointed by the Governor to serve up to two consecutive four-year terms.

Council members work together to determine the goals and objectives in our five year state plan, allocate funds to state plan activities and review our progress annually. The Council is supported by seven full-time staff who are charged with implementing the state plan.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to advance social and policy change so that people with developmental disabilities, their families and communities may live, work, play and learn together.

Our vision is that all communities welcome and value people with disabilities and their families.

Guiding principles and beliefs

We believe disability is a natural part of the human experience.

We believe people with developmental disabilities and their families...

• Define their own families and sources of support.
• Are successful when they make informed choices and control their lives.
• Are most effective when they work together for social and policy change.
• Are more likely to succeed when we expect them to succeed.

We believe communities...

• Are welcoming when everyone is valued.
• Are better when members act together.
• Thrive when everyone contributes.

We believe support service systems are most effective when...

• Families are supported to raise children in stable and loving homes.
• People are supported to live the lives they want in their communities.
• Supports are based on individual strengths, goals and community assets.
• They are accountable to the people they serve.