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Throughout the year, the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities listens to people like yourself who have a strong interest in the welfare of Oregonians with developmental disabilities and their families. We hear from you at forums, conferences and town hall the media, on the Internet, through Oregon Perspectives and a host of other ways. We hear from:

  • Self Advocates frustrated by the lack of rural and intercity accessible transportation.
  • Direct Care Providers who receive poor pay for demanding jobs.
  • Case Workers swamped with paperwork and heavy case loads.
  • Families and Individuals who feel policy making does not reflect their needs.
  • And many others with individual concerns and issues.

What we hear shapes what we do. Every five years we build a strategic plan based on what we hear from you are the issues facing families and individuals. The plan focuses our efforts in areas where we can be most effective and produce positive results for the largest number of people.