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The Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities serves as an advocate for persons with developmental disabilities and their families. We also advise the Governor, legislators, state agencies and the public on matters relating to the needs and rights of people with developmental disabilities to be independent, productive and included in all aspects of community life.

Under federal law, each state and US territory has a Council on Developmental Disabilities. Councils receive federal funds to carry out initiatives for advocacy, capacity building and systems change. Through these initiatives, Councils seek to impact the independence, productivity, inclusion and integration of people with developmental disabilities in their communities.

Our work is guided by a five year state plan. The plan provides a framework for the Council's funding initiatives, staff work priorities and activities to which our federal resources are dedicated over a five year period.

We are currently planning our new FFY 2017 - 2021 state plan. Consistent with our federal requirements, we realeased our draft state plan goals and objectives for a 45-day public comment period, which ended April 30th. Council members will consider public comments to finalize the plan. Our new state plan begins October 1, 2016.

Link to our current 5 Year Plan that expires September 30, 2016.