Event Sponsorship

Funds are available to organizations to sponsor Oregon family members and self-advocates to participate in conferences and other educational events.  Sponsorship awards do not exceed $3,000.

We collect data related to our investments.  As a result, organizations that receive sponsorship funds must agree to the following:

  1. Upon sponsorship award, submit an invoice for “event sponsorship” for $2,000 with the completed Sponsorship Agreement.
  2. Submit a final invoice for “event sponsorship” for $1,000 with the following information:
  • Separate counts of the number of self-advocates and family members that were able to attend your event because of our funds;
  • Confirmation that you distributed a printable Event Sponsorship Survey or electronic survey link to self-advocates and family members that attended your event because of our funds (we will email the survey link to you); and
  • Event evaluation data, if this data is collected.

To apply for a sponsorship, please send an email to info@ocdd.org with the following information:

  • A description of your event, including topics, dates and location.
  • How you plan to use the funds to help family members or self-advocates participate (i.e., waive registration fees, transportation stipend, lodging stipend, interpreter services, etc.).

We will respond to your request within two weeks.

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