Five-Year Plan

Five-Year Plan

Our work is guided by a five-year state plan. The plan provides a framework for the Council’s funding initiatives, staff work priorities and activities to which our federal resources are dedicated over a five-year period.

Our current 2017-2021 state plan includes two goals:

  1. By October 2021, we will demonstrate an increase in the number of people with IDD who are supported to pursue full lives as members of their communities.
  2. By October 2021, we will demonstrate an increase in the number of policies and practices that support children and adults with IDD to access community life.

Each year, the Council meets to determine our annual work plans and allocate funds accordingly.  The work plans are high-level summaries of objectives and activities to reach our goals.  Our current work plans are available in English and Spanish.


Help the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities identify its priorities for the next five years!

Over the last few years, as we have heard from Oregonians with developmental disabilities, their families and communities, we have reflected on what was shared, and began to develop our plan for what our work needs to look like moving forward. Every 5 years, the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities develops a strategic plan, and submits that plan to the Administration for Community Living, our federal funder. This survey is a part of that process.

We have developed 2 overarching goals for our work in the next 5 years. And each goal has a few key areas of focus, called objectives. What you won’t yet see here is the activities, the steps, we will need to take in order to achieve this work. So as you review this plan, please consider: What have we gotten right in our draft plan? What do you believe should change? What do you believe will need to happen in order for us to succeed?

Tell us what you think!

Take our survey in English or Spanish.

Program Performance Reports to the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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