Council Members and Staff

Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities

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Leslie Sutton

Executive Director
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Beth Kessler

Family Engagement Director
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Ryley Newport

Communications Director
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Ava Bartley

Operations and Contracts Administrator
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Lynn Russell

Advocacy Support Specialist

Inclusive Partners Program

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Melinda Benson

Program Coordinator
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Sieu Inac

Inclusion Specialist
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Trish Roussel

Inclusion Specialist
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Dominic Paz

Inclusion Specialist
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Susie Goodell

Inclusion Support Specialist

Council Members

As required in the DD Act (PL 106-402), not less than 60% of our members represent people experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), parents of people with IDD, or immediate family members. Other required members include our AIDD Network Partners, representatives of state agencies that administer federal funds related to people with disabilities, and community partners concerned with services for people with IDD.

Council members complete an application and interview process. If approved, members are appointed by the Governor to serve up to two four-year terms. We periodically recruit new members when membership terms expire. If you are interested in applying for Council membership, please contact us at

Executive Leaders

Daniel L. Alrick, Chair, Self Advocate (10-23-2019 to 10-22-2023)
Rosa Belem Ochoa, Vice Chair, Family Member (10-19-2018 to 10-18-2022)

AIDD Network Partners

Alice L. Miller, OHSU UCEDD (4-1-2017 to 3-31-2021)
Christopher J. Murray, University of Oregon UCEDD (7-28-2017 to 7-27-2021)
Jake Cornett, Disability Rights Oregon (12-1-2019 – 11-30-2023)


Andrea Joyce, Self-Advocate (10-20-2012 to 10-19-2016 & 10-20-2016 to 10-19-2020)
Daniel L. Tucker, Self-Advocate (1-27-2014 to 1-26-2018 & 1-27-2018 to 1-26-2022)
Eddie Plourde, Self-Advocate (10-19-2018 to 10-18-2022)
Jordan C. Lawson, Self-Advocate (10-23-2015 to 10-22-2019)
Kaaren Londahl, Self-Advocate (8-10-2012 to 8-9-2016 & 8-10-2016 to 8-10-2020)
Lindsay R. Stephens, Self-Advocate (8-5-2016 to 8-4-2020)
Nick Kaasa, Self-Advocate (7-31-2013 to 7-30-2017 & 7-31-2017 to 7-30-2021)
Robin Cassidy, Self-Advocate (10-19-2018 to 10-18-2022)
Ruth Morris, Self-Advocate (10-19-2018 to 10-18-2022)

State Agency Representatives

Ann Balzell, Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services (8-13-2022 to 8-12-2022)
Anna S. Lansky, Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS), Office of Developmental Disabilities (4-08-2015 to 4-7-2019)
Ben Hoffman, Title V Maternal and Child Health Program, Oregon Center for Children and Youth with Special Health Needs (OCCYSHN) (3-29-2018 to 3-28-2022)
Jeremy M. Wells, Oregon Department of Education (6-30-2014 to 6-29-2018 & 6-30-2018 to 6-29-2022)
Julie A. Jacobs, DHS, Aging and People with Disabilities (12-16-2015 to 12-15-2019)

Family Members

Monica B. Cox, Chair, Family Member (12-16-2015 to 12-15-2019)
Caitlin M. Shockley, Family Member (12-16-2015 to 12-15-2019)
Emilie T. Wylde, Family Member (4-1-2017 to 3-31-2021)
Emily Braman, Family Member (8-13-18 to 12-15-2019)
Jeff E. Sneddon, Family Member (1-10-2012 to 1-9-2016 & 1-10-2016 to 1-9-2020)
Nicola Spears, Family Member (10-19-2018 to 10-18-2022)
Noelle Sisk, Family Member (10-20-2012 to 10-19-2016 & 10-20-2016 to 10-19-2020)
Sean A. Kriloff, Family Member (12-16-2015 to 12-15-2019)
Stephanie A. Utzman, Family Member (7-31-2013 to 7-30-2017 & 7-31-2017 to 7-30-2021)

Community Partners

Bernie L. Wilson, Service Provider (8-1-2013 to 7-31-2017 & 8-1-2017 to 7-31-2021)
Mohammad Bader, Community Developmental Disability Program (CDDP) (8-5-2016 to 8-4-2020)
Sarah P. Noack, Brokerage (2-11-2016 to 2-10-2020)

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