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WE ENVISION a state where all people from all the diverse populations of Oregon:

  • Are valued equally
  • Have the same legal and human rights
  • Have self-determination, choice and control over their own lives
  • Are included in community life
  • Have the supports they need to live healthy, safe, and fulfilling lives

find services

Are you looking for services and supports for a child or adult with developmental disabilities?

Contact your local community developmental disability program (CDDP) to find out if you are eligible for services.  CDDPs are local state offices serving one or more counties. They determine eligibility and provide case management services, and home and community-based services, to children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).  Here, an eligibility worker will help you complete the application and collect any needed documents.

The application for DD services is available in English, Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese.  Learn more about DD services from the Developmental Disability Services page on the Oregon Department of Human Services website.

Once you are eligible for DD services, you will go through a choice advising process to learn your options for case management and other DD services available. If you are an adult living in your family home or your own home, you can choose to receive case management services from:

  • Either a services coordinator (SC) at your local CDDP; or
  • A personal agent (PA) at a local support services brokerage.

Support services brokerages are private organizations that provide case management and home- and community-based services to adults with IDD.  Brokerages follow a philosophy of self-determination. They focus on helping people direct their own services and lives. Learn more at

Your case manager is your key to getting help to live the life you want. You need to feel comfortable in this relationship. We recommend that you visit a local CDDP or brokerage to find a good fit for you and your vision for your life.


what's new

Are you interested in what the Council accomplished last year?  If so, check out our Program Performance Report for federal fiscal year 2014.

March is Developmental Disability Awareness Month!  Join us for a celebration March 6th to kick off DD Awareness Month

Upcoming Council Meetings

Full Council:  April 17, 2015

Expect Me To Succeed, I Will 

We believe that with high expectations, opportunities, appropriate support and the right job match, people with developmental disabilities can successfully work and contribute to their communities. It’s time for all of us to raise our expectations about what is possible.

Oregon Self Advocacy Coalition

Bringing together self-advocates in Oregon to speak with a strong unified voice on issues that affect people with developmental disabilities and supporting local self-advocacy groups to take action in their own communities.  Join Now!


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