Peer Support for Finding a Job

The goal of Oregon’s Peer to Peer (P2P) Mentoring Project is to educate, inspire, and encourage people with disabilities to succeed in their employment goals.

P2P classes are for people receiving Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) services who are unsure about getting a job in the community. If you do not have an employment goal and want to learn about getting a community job, P2P classes are for you.

P2P is a collaboration between the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities (OCDD) and the Oregon Self Advocacy Coalition (OSAC). P2P is funded by OCDD and the Oregon Department of Human Services.

How P2P Classes Work

Mentors teach four sessions to help their peers think about setting an employment goal and getting a job in the community.

Session One: In this introductory class, we talk about fears that people have about going to work. We also share stories from peers who overcame their fears and are working in the community.

Session Two: We learn about employment services and begin gathering important information about yourself that you can use to find a job.

Session Three: We meet with community partners to learn about jobs that may be a good fit for you and begin creating an action plan for your employment journey.

Session Four: We role play different scenarios in your employment journey and develop an action plan to help you get a job in the community.

More Information

For more information about or to enroll in P2P classes, email Executive Director Gabrielle Guedon at the Oregon Self Advocacy Coalition or call her at 971-258-7697.

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